2-4 Apr 2017 Aix en Provence (France)


Dear colleagues, we are happy and proud to invite you in the beautiful countryside of Aix en Provence for the 5th European Conference on sludge management. We hope that you will have a wonderful scientific experience and as well take advantage of the natural attractions of the Provence area.

The management of sludge produced during water/wastewater treatment processes is one of the most difficult environmental problems to be solved in all over the World. Recently, the need to achieve a sustainable sludge management strategy has become of greater concern, also because the conventional and more traditional recycling options are progressively restricted by legislation. As the environmental regulations became stricter, the production of sludge in wastewater treatment facilities increased continuously. The new member states in Central and Eastern Europe have set out their National Strategies on Wastewater Treatment for 2010-2020 on the development of wastewater treatment facilities to meet European requirements on wastewater treatment.

Worlwide, impact of sanitary sewer in urban areas is becoming a major concern as was developped in last ECSM with the increasing topics of raw sludges.

So the development of innovative systems to maximize recovery of useful materials and/or energy from sludge in a sustainable way and to minimize the sludge production have become necessary.

As usual in our meetings, developped topics are encouraged to have a large vision of sludge's matter and multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged. As example of topics, the conference will go on with:

- Productions

- Transport

- Concentrations

- Treatments

- Final dipsosal

- Caracterisations

- Social 

- Economy


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